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to keep that from happening. but garret graves says some of the oil got through, and wreaked havoc. he's the director of the louisiana governors office of coastal activities. >> there is no question that the areas that have been oiled are dying. we've been out there and some areas that were lightly oiled one time you had some browning of the vegetation we believe the root systems are remaining intact, repeated even light oiling appear to have killed those plants and likely their root systems. the heavily oiled areas appear to be totally dead. >> reporter: aaron viles is campaign director for the gulf restoration network, an environmental advocacy group. >> you can't really clean it up. you know, you can try to put some water in the system to flush out some of the oil but you know getting in there to physically try to remove the oil will likely do more harm than good because we'll actually be driving oil into the root system. >> reporter: the oil spill is just the latest insult to louisiana's wetlands. they've actually been under siege since the great flood of 1927. that year the missis
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)